Cha Cha Music Company

is a family owned and operated project recording facility. This studio was opened in March of 1999 and has provided a cost effective recording alternative for local bands. Cha Cha Music Company specializes in demo recording and press kit assembly. The studio can accomadate live recording for the most descriminating flautist, jazz trios and six piece blues bands.


Cha Cha Music Company has recorded and produced its first full length poetry CD, Cowboys Sure Are Swell and... We hope this will be one of many poets that will use Cha Cha Music Company for their literary endeavors.


Recently we have become a sought after venue for the recording of jazz groups. Our jazz clientle have been extremely happy with the "complete package" that includes live recording, mixing, mastering and providing a ten minute highlight CD for their management and club owners.

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Cha Cha Music web site has been down for repairs due to some server problems. All links are not functioning now but will be up and running soon. The entire web site had to be recreated form scratch. We've been meaning to update the site and this just gave us a good reason to do it now. Thanks for your support.

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